May 18, 2022


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By Huckleberry Ulbricht

Every day the Juneau County Sheriffs Office sends out an arrest and offense report to over 90 recipients within Juneau County and around the state.  Most of the recipients are government employees at various agencies but not all are.  The reports sent out are useful in reporting the arrests on a monthly basis.  Typically only pertinent information is sent out but due to an error that was not caught right away included the Social Security numbers of individuals that were arrested/rebooked.  The release of the Social Security numbers happened on 5 separate occasions, 4 of those occasions went to everyone on their email list and 1 of those went only to the Juneau County Herald.

The State of Wisconsin’s Open Records laws exempt certain private information.  It is not clear however if the accidental release of social security numbers violates the open records laws.  It is mentioned about the release of social security numbers of employees but we were unable to find anything specific at this point whether the release of the information  would apply to arrestees. 

The Juneau County Sheriffs Department sent out an email on November 15th after realizing the mistake, 2021 Stating:

“Good afternoon,
This morning at approximately 8 a.m., an incorrect jail roster and arrest summary report were distributed.  PLEASE DELETE that e-mail from your inbox as well as your deleted items.  The correct jail roster and arrest summary report are attached to this e-mail.
Thank you, and I apologize for any inconvenience “

Sheriff Brent Olson Called The Juneau County Herald in regards to the accidental release to address the situation.  It was advised that they are working with their IT Department to figure out why the report is generating with the social security numbers. 

The names below are the individuals who have had their social security number released. 

*The Juneau County Herald takes the protection of citizens sensitive private information seriously.  The Juneau County Herald will never release or use such information in any way. 

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