May 18, 2022


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By Huckleberry Ulbricht

The City of Mauston has seen a rash of damage to many fire hydrants around the city as of late. The damage caused can cause problems leading to delays in critical help in controlling fires.

On December 28th, Police Chief Michael Zilisch put out the following satement on their Facebook page:

“The Mauston Police Department is looking for any information about suspect(s) tampering with fire hydrants over the last week in the City of Mauston. Please be on the lookout for anyone acting suspicious around fire hydrants in the future. This is a serious problem as this will hinder the Mauston Fire Department’s use of the hydrant.”

It was later discovered that more fire hydrants had been tampered with and damaged leading the City of Mauston to issue a $1000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. In a post from The City it was stated “Until we can catch the person or people responsible for these heinous acts, we implore residents to monitor the fire hydrants near where you live, work and frequent in the city.  Please report any suspicious activity near or potential damage to fire hydrants immediately to the Mauston Police Department at 608-847-6363.”

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