May 18, 2022

Juneau County Arrests 12-30-21 Through 1-10-22

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Kristine M Cattle, OWI

Chad B Wehrle, Contempt of Court

Amanda A Didomenico, OWI

Logan N Owen, Bail Jumping

Joshua D Jump, Contempt of Court

Anthony H Stone – OWI

Jesse James Buhrow – OWI

Jason M Fowler, Disorderly Conduct

Robert Dale Ramczyk, Operate Motor Vehicle while revoked, Probation Hold

Craig Brown, Probation Hold

Joshua W Linton, Operate Motor Vehicle while suspended

Jake F Groom, Criminal Damage to Property, Burglary – Arm Self w/Dangerous weapon

Christopher G Housworth, Contempt of Court

Reanna F Kemp, OWI, Possession of THC

Taw Rah, Extradition – Felony

Mya N OO, Possession of THC

Amy J Bader, Possession of Methamphetamine

Kari Lynn Hernandez, Bail Jumping – Felony

Dustin E Montgomery, Operate Motor Vehicle While Suspended, Possession of THC

Donald L Reynolds, 1st Degree Child Sex Assault – Sexual Contact with person under age of 13 Rape

Dante F Welch, Operate motor Vehicle while revoked

Jayce M Newman, Failure to Appear

Lukas L Mesa, Failure to Appear

Lexie L Gauger, Battery Aggravated Assault, Disorderly Conduct

Derek W Schellert, Disorderly Conduct

Dixie M Olson, Probation hold

Joseph B Hodge, Failure to Appear

Kyle O Luke, Probation hold

James J Jones JR, Failure to Appear

Juan Hernandez-Morales, OWI

James T Wilke, Failure to Appear

Alan J Bookman, OWI

Joseph P Coleman, OWI, Child in Vehicle, Bail Jumping, Operating while revoked

Donavan E Ashford, Check CCAP

Lamarcus D Hollingshed, Resist/Obstruct officer w/Intent/Mislead

Antyon Hamilton, Resist/Obstruct Officer w/Intent/Mislead, Possession of THC

Vanessa N Vera, Possession w/Intent

Joshua Q Boyd, Resisting or Obstructing Officer, Disorderly Conduct

Shae R Ziegler, Failure to Appear

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